Continue Your Reading Adventures!

 This summer take the time to read. On vacation, at home, or on rainy days, a good book makes the day even better.

Turn in your Reading Log by Friday, August 25, and you will be treated to a picnic lunch at Henninger Field.

Grade Level refers to the 2017-18 school year.

Requirements by grade:

Kindergarten – 15 Books read to the student

Grade 1 – 20 Easy Reader Books

Grade 2 – 20 Easy Reader Books (should be read by the student)

Grade 3 – 8 Books over 40 pages

Grade 4 – 8 Books over 60 pages

Grade 5 – 5 Books over 120 pages. (One book must be a Newbery Award or Honor Book).

Grade 6, 7, 8 – **4 Books over 150 pages

**Types of Books for 6, 7, 8
One Newbery Award or Honor Book, One Nonfiction Book, Two Books of your Choice

Reading Forms and requirements were sent home in report cards.  If the form gets misplaced, please use another sheet of paper to record the books you’ve read over the summer.

 Reading logs MUST be turned in by August 25, 2017