Relationship Builds – Patty Dolaway

By December 27, 2018Uncategorized


CCCS Drama Club put on the musical production “Kilroy was Here” at the Capitol Theatre this Fall.  It was the 21st year our students put on a play. This one included 27 of our 6th, 7th, & 8th graders, and will certainly go down in history as one of the best productions yet.

That being said, I do have to confess that each year I have probably said the same thing; “This was the best show ever”! But in all sincerity, I have honestly thought that each year. Now it could be because I have watched most of these students grow up in front of my eyes. A large majority of them started at CCCS as kindergarteners. And to see them take the stage as 12 – 14-year-olds is a proud and sentimental moment.

The 14 year old, who steps way out of her comfort level to take the stage and stand in front of a microphone to sing and dance with two of her classmates,  the 12 year old who is blessed with musical talent, but not usually one who is willing to take center stage, the 13 year old who rarely speaks above the level of a whisper (or mumble), but comes out on stage and moves up the aisle proclaiming his line in the play; those performances bring a tear to the eye of the teachers and staff who have been blessed to watch them grow up and grow in confidence.

And where does that confidence, or better yet courageousness come from? All those students I mentioned, as well as undoubtedly many others on that stage, found the strength to show up for auditions and say yes to the part they were offered.

I believe the courage comes from several areas. One, their parents are very supportive and encouraging. Two, their fellow middle school classmates are inclusive and caring. Third, and perhaps the primary reason, is that the students trust the directors of the Drama Club.

The students are confident that the part they are offered is one that they can handle. The directors, Mr. Dortenzo, Mrs. Cermak, Mr. Morrow, Mrs. Super, and Mrs. Moore know the students. They spend time each year choosing the play/musical, keeping in mind the students who will be taking the stage. This can only happen in a school where the teachers and students develop strong relationships. A school where the teachers know the students.  I can say with certainty, that many of these 12-14-year-olds who took the stage on October 25, 2018, would never even think about joining a Drama Club in a school of 1,800 + middle schoolers.

CCCS offers many unique opportunities for our students. Most leave our school as leaders among leaders. The relationships they develop with other students and with the adults in the school are strong and important. These relationships help all of us, students and teachers, to Know Jesus, Love Jesus, and Serve Jesus in everything that we do.

God Bless!