Corpus Decision – by Sarah Diaz

By March 11, 2020Uncategorized

It’s that time of year again… when parents all over Chambersburg and the surrounding areas are making important decisions about where they will send their children to school next year. I can’t help but take some time to reflect back on the decision I made 5 years ago to send my oldest child to Corpus Christi School.

First of all, a little background about me: I went to Corpus Christi for elementary school, I taught at a Catholic School in San Diego before I had children, and my mom has worked at Corpus Christi for over 30 years. With all of that information, you would think that my decision to send my kids here would have been an easy one. It likely would have been if money was no object. However, it was and it is. The fact of the matter is, when I chose to leave the workforce and dedicate myself to being a stay-at-home mom we had to make sacrifices as a family and continue to do so to this day.

As the date loomed closer to sign my firstborn up for kindergarten, I found that the decision of where to send him was weighing heavily on my heart. So, I did what every mother does when she is in desperate need of advice: I took to social media and sent out a plea for help. To be quite honest, there was a part of me that hoped to hear glowing reviews about the public school in my neighborhood. Instead, I received only excellent feedback about Corpus Christi. Every single one of my friends who responded told me how happy they were with the school, the teachers, the community, and the education their children were receiving at Corpus Christi.

Still undecided, my husband and I visited the school. Mrs. Flohr, the school’s Administrative Assistant (and truly the heart of the school in my humble opinion!) took us on a tour. As we walked, she told us stories. She told us about the time her daughter fell asleep during class in kindergarten and how the teacher let her sleep because ‘she figured she needed the rest.’ She told us about the most popular lunch menu item (All Hail the BOSCO STICK!), she pointed out puzzles in the hallway outside of one of the classrooms telling us ‘there’s always something creative going on in there.’ Mostly, what she did was bring the school to life for us. 

When we left that day, we both knew that Corpus Christi was the right place for our children. 

Currently, my oldest child is in 3rd grade and my youngest is in 1st. We continue to choose Corpus Christi for all of the reasons stated above and more. 

If I were to give a tour today, like Mrs. Flohr did for me 5 years ago, I would have my own stories to tell that would bring the school to life for the visitors. 

I would tell them that one of the proudest moments of my life was watching my oldest son get up in front of a huge audience and tell space jokes with his buddy at the school’s annual talent show a few years ago — and how the two were received with roaring applause & laughter from the most supportive school community I have ever known.

 I would tell them that on the first day of school this year, my youngest son was terribly anxious and in tears on the way to school, but was laughing and smiling as he got out of the car because our Principal was wearing big, silly glasses and ringing a cowbell to welcome the kids back. 

I would tell them that last year while my kindergartener was biding his time during his brother’s soccer game, one of the Corpus Christi 4th graders entertained him and one of his buddies by giving them piggyback rides around the park. Or about the time at Chorus practice one day, my 3rd grade son dropped his music on the floor and looked close to tears as he struggled to get the papers back in order. A 5th grader in the top row noticed his struggle and came to help. My heart nearly burst as I watched her put his papers in order and help him find his place in the song before returning to her spot. 

 I would tell them about the time my son’s class was misbehaving for a substitute, and after completing a religion lesson that must have weighed heavily on his heart, he went up to the substitute and apologized for the way he and the class were behaving. And that when he says what he loves most about Corpus Christi, at the top of his list are that they pray and go to Mass.

I would tell them about how Kindergarten beat 1st grade in a tug of war at field day last year while parents, teachers, and middle school students looked on and cheered as if  Kindergarten had just won an Olympic Gold Medal. 

I would tell them how Father Lyons gives high-fives to my boys every time he sees them… and how they pretty much always miss his hand the first few attempts because he’s really good at faking them out. 

I would tell them about the time my son thought he was in trouble for writing something deemed inappropriate for school on a Halloween art project. When the principal came to talk to him about it, instead of punishing him, she recognized a very worried and good-hearted little boy and helped him make it scary, but school appropriate. And how at the end of the day, my child who is still working on his social skills, stopped to tell her, “Thank you for helping me today.”

All that, and I haven’t even mentioned how both of my kids are absolutely thriving and meeting their full potential both academically and socially thanks to the extreme dedication of their amazing teachers. 

These are the stories I would tell… and more. 

Yes, we have had to make sacrifices to pay the school tuition every month. But, as I’m sure you can see, what we have gotten in return has been absolutely priceless. We continue to choose Corpus Christi School for our children, and I whole-heartedly recommend that you choose Corpus Christi for your kids, too.