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Topic 1: Numeration: Here are a couple of link to help you review topics covered in this unit  This site covers place value, identifying the digits, and comparing numbers – practice counting money; check out this awesome site. another wonderful place to visit and practice with money making change

Topic 2: Adding Whole Numbers

Adding 2 digit numbers

Adding 3 digit numbers

To Regroup or Not to Regroup?

By – Candace Hooks…Grade Level – 2-3

Materials: Two number cubes, pencil, and paper for each pair of students.

After your students have a basic knowledge of regrouping, have them get in pairs and play this game.


  • The first player rolls the number cubes and calls out the number he/she has rolled (i.e. if he/she rolls a 2 and an 8, he/she would call out either 28, or 82).
  • The players both write this number on their papers.
  • The first player then rolls both number cubes again and repeats the process for the second addend.  Then both players decide if they must regroup to solve the problem.  They solve it together.
  • Then the second player rolls the number cubes and repeats the process.





This site has some great suggestions for some games to play.

The following website divide into some harder multiplication. This type will be seen in Unit 18.


Geometry Jeopardy Game #1

Geometry Jeopardy Game #2

Geometry game


Are you excited about telling time?  Check out these links for more time telling fun!!!


Elapsed Time Practice

Telling Time: Each of these sites is full of interactive review for telling time.





Simplifying Fractions:

Equivalent Fractions:

Adding and Subtracting Fractions



Google Forms: