Summer Reading 2020 (Also found on our website homepage – Summer Enrichment)

6th, 7th, 8th Grades

In order to foster a love of reading and keep up with our reading skills, the middle school teachers have gotten together for a simple summer reading assignment that helps your student explore different genres! Completing this optional assignment will be used as a ticket for a reward once your child returns to school!

Students will need to complete each of these to earn the reward:

  1. ILA: Read a fiction book of your choice!
  2. Social Studies: Read a biography OR historical fiction of your choice!
  3. Science:Read a biography of a scientist OR a science fiction book of your choice!

In addition, the Diocese requires that students’ read books that meet a certain page requirement. Reading these books that complete the minimum page requirement can be added to your child’s yearly school reading log for Ms. Freeman.

  1. 6th grade: 100 pages of story text minimum
  2. 7th grade: 150 pages of story text minimum 
  3. 8th grade: 175 pages of story text minimum

Books can certainly go over the minimum requirement!

Enjoy reading and we’ll see you next year!


Miss Freeman