The school should be notified by 9:00 A.M. if your child will be absent. Please help us comply with Pennsylvania state law. Be sure to call the school office each day that your child is absent. Any student absent from school more than 10 days is required to have a doctor’s excuse for any future absences. You may call the office to make arrangements to pick up homework for your child. If your child is absent due to illness they will receive a day to make up the work for each day they were out. A student who has been absent from school must present a written excuse to the teacher ON THE DAY of his/her return. If the student has been absent for 3 or more consecutive days, a physician’s note is required. Please include the date(s) of absence and reason. Our school discourages any absences for family vacations during the school year. In extraordinary circumstances Educational Leave will be approved (up to 5 days per year) if appropriate forms are submitted 2 weeks prior to the requested absence. No educational leave will be granted for the first two weeks of school (grades K-8), during standardized testing (grades 3-8), or during scheduled mid-term and final exams. (Grades 6, 7, 8) Educational leave is granted only for experiences that enhance the school’s curriculum at that student’s grade level.  Note: When educational leave is granted teachers, work may be requested however, teachers are not required to provide assignments or make-up work during this absence. Students are required to secure assignments and complete all work missed upon returning to school.

If your child is absent due to illness on the day of a school sponsored event, they may not return to school or participate in the event later in that day. This includes all school sanctioned events including but not limited to classroom holiday party, Christmas Concert, Spring Concert, Talent Show, CYO sports events, and scheduled field trips.