It is the policy of Corpus Christi School not to permit students to return to the classroom once they have been dismissed at the end of the day, unless accompanied by an adult and signed in as a visitor. This policy was implemented for the following reasons:

1. It is imperative that we know who is in the building at all times. When a bus is called, or walkers/car riders are dismissed, we conclude that those students are no longer in the building. In case of an emergency within the building we know that those students dismissed are safely on the way home.

2. Our Extended Care Program is in session until 5:30 PM. We follow the same security procedures during this program that are in place during the school day. Extened care staff depends on these procedures to provide a safe environment for the students. Therefore anyone not involved in the program should not be able to gain access to these areas of the building.

3. Certain extra-curricular activities are scheduled after school in the gym. These activities include Band, Drama Club, CYO basketball, and cheerleading. Students participating in these activities can only have access to the gym area. Prior to 5:30 PM, parents and or volunteers must sign in and secure a visitors badge to gain access to the gym.

4. The scheduled teacher day concludes at 3:15 PM or when all students have been dismissed. Therefore, the hall doors and classrooms are secured and there is no access to these areas.

5. Corpus Christi Catholic School takes precautions possible to help your child remain in a safe environment from 7:00 AM to 5:30 PM each school day. Our safety committee members attend workshops and seminars on a regular basis to gain information on the most recent developments in school security and student safety. We are very proud of the preventative measures taken and hope that all parents/guardians support and cooperate with these procedures.