The Catholic school is an expression of the education mission of Corpus Christi Parish with which it is associated and of the diocese. Therefore, the Pastor is responsible to the Bishop for the administration of the total parish, including the parish school. The Principal functions as the chief administrator of the school and is a member of the parish staff. Regular and open communication between the Pastor and the Principal is essential. Just as the Parish Pastoral Council serves with the Pastor on behalf of the total parish community, so too, the parish Board of Education serves with the Pastor and Principal for the good of the school community. With the various demands for expertise required of a Principal today, the need for a consultative group of people who are committed to the Catholic school and willing to work for the good of the school and parish is important.

Read more about the CCCS Advisory Board – CCCS Advisory Board Bylaws 

Everyone is welcome to join the Advisory Board. If you are interested on serving, please contact the School Office at 717-263-5036 or email