A School Counselor

A school Counselor……,

  • talks with students individually and in groups.
  • helps teachers and parents identify the developmental needs of children.
  • teaches children how to develop positive peer relationships.
  • consults with teachers and parents.
  • coordinates services with school and community specialists.

A student may be referred to the school counselor by……

  • self referral.
  • parent referral.
  • principal referral.
  • teacher or staff referral.

A school counselor, when necessary, may consult with……

  • parents.
  • teachers.
  • community resource personnel.
  • physicians and/or community/private mental health professionals.

Students may see the school counselor because……

  • they are having problems with peer relationships.
  • a pet or loved one has died.
  • they are experiencing family challenges.
  • they are in the midst of a transition (move to a new house or new area, parental separation or divorce, birth of a sibling, illness of a family member).
  • they have trouble expressing emotions in an appropriate manner.
  • they just want someone to listen to them.

Parents may consult with the school counselor……

  • to get some additional parenting tips.
  • to gain a better understanding of their child’s developmental stages.
  • when they perceive their child is having difficulty coping with a family challenge or transition.
  • when their child is having difficulty with peer or sibling relationships.

The qualifications of a school counselor in the state of Pennsylvania are……

  • Masters degree in Elementary School Counseling
  • certification with the state of Pennsylvania