Corpus Christi School is a unique educational institution in which the spirit of Christ-like charity, respect for authority and mutual cooperation are essential. Thus, a disciplinary code has been established. The essence of Christian discipline is self-discipline. Each teacher is responsible for his/her own classroom. The Principal will act as liaison only in serious matters. Every effort will be made to handle the situation. Should this fail, parents will be called for a conference.

Any student who poses a serious problem such as cheating, stealing, misbehavior on the bus or playground, profanity of any kind, fighting, or involvement in any other grave situation, as determined by the principal, will be subject to the following procedures:

1. If the student is reported for a serious conduct offense, a letter will be sent to the parents. A conference may be arranged with the Principal, parent, teacher and student.

2. Some serious offenses such as smoking, the possession/use of drugs, or serious fighting requires immediate conference with the parents followed by indefinite suspension.

3. A student reported for a serious conduct offense for a second time will receive 3 or more days of suspension.

4. All suspensions are “out of school”.

5. After one suspension in a single year a student may be required to transfer to another school.