About the Handbook

If here is any doubt about school being is session during heavy snow or other emergencies, please listen to the radio. Radio stations announcing closings include WHCA, MIX 95 AND 92.1. TV 25 (Channel 12) in Hagerstown carries local closings also. If school is in session and the weather becomes hazardous, listen to the same stations for closing information. Please do not call the school for closing information: we must keep our lines open for emergency information. An automated call system is in place to notify parents/guardians of emergencies and unscheduled early dismissals due to unforeseen circumstances. In the event that a call is initiated the number displayed will be 000-000-0000. Please listen to the complete message. It is the parent’s responsibility to inform the school if emergency numbers should change.

**PLEASE BE SURE YOUR CHILD KNOWS WHERE HE/SHE SHOULD GO IN THE EVENT OF AN EMERGENCY CLOSING. You are encouraged to make these plans early in the year before facing a school closing.