Upon graduation from Corpus Christi Catholic School, our students will be academically, socially, and spiritually prepared to be lifelong learners of our world, and the people in it. They will view life through a Christ-centered lens, developing and living their Catholic faith. They will think independently while respecting all those they encounter and build relationships that are anchored in their love of God.

  • Demonstrate proficient knowledge in all academic areas.
  • Be prepared to function efficiently in our Global technological world.
  • Have a constant awareness of the situations of others with whom they share their world.
  • To willingly engage in lifelong service to their fellow human beings and to their environment.
  • Be able to think critically and creatively to meet the challenges of the future.
  • To always use their Catholic faith as a guide to seek out and cultivate healthy relationships.
  • Be self-aware and claim ownership of their actions.
  • To always use their Catholic doctrine as a guide while making decisions which will contribute to their success.