Extended Care


The Extended Care Program is before and after school care for regularly enrolled children, Kindergarten through Eighth grade. Extended care operates on days when school is in session.
Extended Care follows the policies stated in the Corpus Christi Catholic School Parent/Student Handbook.


Parents should not take children without notifying a staff member.

Only adults named on the Registration Form will be allowed to pick up students. If an emergency requires that another adult pick up your child, they must bring a permission note signed by the parent/guardian.

Classroom teachers must be notified in writing the days students will be attending Extended Care. If the student will be coming on a regular basis, one note at the beginning of the year will suffice.

Please notify Extended Care Staff, through notes, of any changes.

Registration forms must be completed for emergency information.

New this year: To call Extended Care – dial the school phone number 717-263-5036 and choose Option #2 


As members of a caring,Catholic community children will be:

**Expected to respect the staff, each other, and the materials and environment provided

**Told never leave the building or grounds without the permission and supervision of the care provider.

Any child who poses a serious problem such as cheating, stealing, misbehavior on the playground, profanity of any kind, fighting or involvement in any grave situation will be subject to the following procedure
1. A letter will be sent home to the parent/guardian
2. A student referred for a second behavior problem, will be dismissed from the Extended Care Program


All outside doors to the school will be locked. When dropping your child off in the morning, please ring the bell at the door, accompany your child into the lobby and report to the desk attendant.

When picking up your child in the afternoon, please ring the bell at the outside door and give the attendant your child’s first and last name. The child will then be called to the lobby.


A scheduled homework period will be provided. It is the child’s responsibility to have his/her assignments and books. Students are expected to do their homework at Extended Care. The office copy machine is not available for making copies of other student’s books. Children may not go back to their homeroom to get these items. Parents are responsible for checking the child’s homework before they return to school the following day.


In cases of a minor nature, First Aid will be administered on the premises.

Medication will not be administered unless both a written statement from a physician detailing method, amount, and time, AND a written statement from the parent authorizing the staff to assist a child in taking medication are on file.

Additional emergency information will be used from the school emergency form.

Staff members will act according to their best judgment for the welfare of the child.


Additional areas of parental responsibility are the matters of prompt fee payment and prompt pick-up in the afternoon.

Bills will be sent home on Wednesdays. Payment should be made in full the by following Monday. You may pay ahead if you prefer to only pay once or twice a month; your account will be credited.

If a parent/guardian fails to meet the payment schedule, and does not make alternate arrangements with the Principal, the child will not be permitted to continue in the program.

After 5:35 each additional 15 min will result in a $5.00 Late Fee

Family Registration Fee ($50.00 non-refundable)

Hourly $5.00/hour


Morning Care 7:00 A.M. – 7:40 A.M.
* 2 hr weather related delays – 9:00 AM Opening
* 1 hr weather related delays – 8:00 AM Opening

If the delay changes to a cancellation – students must be picked up as soon as possible

Afternoon Care 3:00 P.M. – 5:30 P.M.

Scheduled Early Dismissals – until 5:30 P.M.

2 hr early dismissals for Teacher In-Service – For Safety reasons student pickup is available after 2:45 PM until 5:30 PM
* Other scheduled Early dismissals open until 5:30 PM
*No PM Extended Care on the last day of the school year
*If school is dismissed early due to weather or other safety related issues, students must be picked up within an hour of dismissal.