1. Students are expected to obey and respect the directions of any teacher or other adult during school hours, on school buses, and at all school sponsored programs.
  2. School/Cafeteria/Playground rules are to be observed at all times.
  3. Students are expected to be courteous, respectful, and cooperative with peers and adults.
  4. Students are responsible for their own belongings and for the books which are loaned to them.
  5. Lost articles may be claimed in the school lobby. Items not claimed after a few weeks will be given to the poor. Please be sure to mark all books, clothing, lunch boxes, book bags, etc. with the student’s name.
  6. Gum chewing is never allowed in the school building or on the playground.
  7. Cell Phones/Smart Phones/iPODS/Watches or other items with SMART technology are prohibited on school premises – Students are not permitted to have cell phones, Smart Phones, iPODS, pagers, or any communication and/or listening devices in school or on field trips. If a student has such a device it will be confiscated and the parent/guardian will need to schedule an appointment with the principal to arrange for the return of the device. Corpus Christi Catholic School reserves the right to search any locker, back pack, desk, etc. at any time for such devices.