The philosophy of Corpus Christi Catholic School maintains that homework is a vital part of a student’s academic development and should be included in every teacher’s lesson plans. Appropriate homework is assigned to reinforce skills taught in the classroom and provide students with the opportunity to utilize these skills in a variety of activities. It is imperative that activities assigned as homework are completed within developmentally appropriate time frames.
The following guidelines have been established to assist teachers with this objective:

Grade ——– Maximum Homework Time (daily)
K ——— 10 minutes
1———- 15 minutes
2———- 20 minutes
3 & 4—— 45 minutes
5 & 6—— 1 hour, 30 minutes
7 & 8—— 2 hours

All homework assignments are expected to be fully completed by the due date established by the teacher. For grades 3 through 8 a one week notice will be given prior to any major test being administered. Academic penalties may be imposed by the teacher for incomplete and/or missing assignments.