The school is responsible to send home papers, notices, newsletters, etc., to the parent/guardian who has been awarded primary physical/residential custody.
Duplicate information will not be sent to the non-custodial parent unless otherwise directed by the court. Legal documents must be on file for us to determine the primary custodian. If no legal papers are on file at the school, information is sent home in the usual manner.

The rights of both parents/guardians will be honored in regards to notes, bus changes, appointments, etc., unless otherwise directed by the court. Please do not send in notes denying the other parent/guardian from seeing, talking, and/or providing transportation to your child unless legal documents are on file and confirm your request. (This also applies to The Extended Care Program)

The faculty and administration at Corpus Christi Catholic School expects all parents/guardians, who are experiencing difficulties in their relationships, not to allow these differences to encroach on the school environment. We reserve the right to discontinue our educational program with any family that is unwilling to abide by this policy. (This also applies to The Extended Care Program)

We realize that divorce and/or separation is a difficult time for the entire family. We also realize that it is most difficult for the children. Tremendous efforts are made to provide all students with a safe academic environment even during a stressful divorce/separation. Your cooperation and assistance is needed so that all students can enjoy the maximum instructional time of the teacher every school day of the year.