September Newsletter

Corpus Christi Catholic School K2 News


Can you believe that we have been in school for almost a month? We have learned so much already and have so much more to learn!


What are we learning?


  • We are learning to name the 3D solid figures: cone, cylinder, sphere, & cube
  • We are using the terms above, below, beside, next to, in front of,  & behind.
  • We are going to be counting and writing numbers 1-5.


Super Kids:

  • Have you heard about Oswald and his animals the ocelot, otter, and octopus? We are learning to write the capital and lowercase Oo.
  • We are practicing and review the short o sound like in the word odd and the c sound like in the word Cass.
  • Our next Super Kid (I am going to keep his name a surprise) will focus on the letter G. We will practice using the letter g at the beginning and the end of words.



  • Kindergarten Super Writers are practicing writing new letters Cc, Oo, Ii, & Ss.
  • We are continuing to practice writing our names using the correct capital and lowercase letters. Keep practicing writing at home!


  • Unit 1: Learning about God’s love: In this unit the children will learn to be aware of God’s love shown to them through the good persons, events, and things in their lives.
  • We are learning the Hail Mary this month. Please practice this prayer at home.



  • This month we will be learning about plants and animals.

Upcoming Events

  • Sept 12 – No School-Teacher In-service                        
  • Sept 14- First swim class                              
  • Sept 17 – Fall Pictures                                                          
  • Sept 21 – 2 hour Early Dismissal     

Share Time

Share Time for September is a “Summer Memory”. Your child may bring in a summer memory item on their assigned day. It must fit into their bookbag and be something that they can talk about. Some ideas- a picture, brochure, or postcard about something you did over the summer.


Family Activities


In Kindergarten we are learning many new things. You can help your child at home by working on the following things. Remember that you can have fun while your learn!


  1. Practice writing your name with capital and lowercase letters, on the line.
  2. Practice cutting carefully. Find pictures in a magazine and cut them out.
  3. Do you know how to tie your shoes? Practice, practice, practice! Even if you know how!
  4. Do you know your full name, address, phone number, and parents’ names? It would be helpful in an emergency.
  5. Color slowly and carefully. Choose your colors. Coloring with many different colors is more exciting to look at!
  6. Sort something–anything– and explain your ‘rule”.
  7. Patterns are everywhere! Can you spot some? Can you make some? Use anything you’ve got and you can create a pattern!
  8. Remember to READ! READ! READ!


Online Information


  • Did you know that Corpus Christi Catholic School is on Facebook and Instagram?  Check us out and follow us on social media to see pictures, get school updates, and much more!
  • Corpus Christi Catholic School also has a website:
    • Click Academics, Kindergarten, Mrs. Martin- This will lead you to our class webpage. This page will be updated often with all of the fun and exciting things we are doing in class and ideas for some family fun!