The Basics

  • # Year at CCCS – 21
  • Other Grades/Subjects taught – MS Social Studies, 6th grade Math, 4th Grade, 5th Grade

Higher Education

  • Shippensburg University
  • BS Elementary Education
  • M. Ed Educational Leadership
  • Principal’s Certificate
  • Lunar/Meteorite Certification

From the Space Center Houston Space Exploration Educator Crew – Website Bio

With 21 years of teaching, Fetterhoff’s love for science has grown with the help of several NASA encounters. She has partaken in the Reduced-Gravity Flight Program, conducting research in a weightless environment. In addition, Fetterhoff has participated in the ARISS program where her students spoke directly to Astronaut Kjell Lindgren onboard the International Space Station. Mrs. Fetterhoff also has visited several NASA centers talking to engineers and astronauts about their careers while receiving many behind-the-scene tours. In 2017, she was chosen to attend the Mickelson ExxonMobil Academy in Jersey City, New Jersey. She was also chosen to be a member of Space Center Houston’s Space Exploration Educator Crew Program which focuses on developing teacher leadership skills and STEM based learning experiences. As a strong advocate for science education in the classroom, Mrs. Fetterhoff  also teaches pre-service teachers how to teach science at Wilson College in Chambersburg. She has also presented at several state and national Education Conferences.

Mrs. Fetterhoff believes the more experiences she has, the better she will become at capturing her students attention and developing them into life-long scientists and engineers.