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Acess to iPads, chromebooks, and desktops welcomes an exciting world of instructional opportunities and strategies to engage our students in the 21st-century learning skills of communication, collaboration, critical-thinking, and creativity.  The Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA requires that some web-based sites and application providers obtain verifiable parental consent for children under the age of 13 to use these web-based tools. Corpus Christi Catholic School is committed to the safety of our students, especially when it comes to students using online resources. To this end, we will be teaching students about appropriate online behavior including cyberbullying and the disclosure of personal information.

We also recognize that there are excellent online resources that benefit the students by providing unique learning and educational experiences. Notably, interactive web resources provide some of the most compelling and engaging educational tools for students. While allowing access to these interactive online educational resources, we also want to balance the protection of your child’s online privacy and personal information. We want to ensure that the sites and applications are going to be used for educational purposes and enhance the curriculum through student engagement. The school has a list of utilized apps and online resources. These services may provide teachers with student data or results for educational purposes and planning.

The following is a list of applications and interactive online resources.  This list of approved websites and apps is updated regularly. Parents and Guardians should check back regularly at this URL to stay up to date on the latest apps and websites. Each site listed provides a link to a privacy policy which describes how or if the site collects and/or uses data. We encourage you to visit each website and review the privacy policy for how student data is used. Another excellent resource for examining the privacy policies of applications is Common Sense Media.

Name Description / Educational Uses Privacy Policy
ABC Mouse Online educational activities that compliment curriculumn for early learners privacy policy for
ABCYa Provides educational computer games and mobile apps for kids. privacy policy for
Animoto Easily make great videos privacy policy for
Arcademic Skill Builders Boost student engagement & fact fluency with free multiplayer educational games, math games, language arts games privacy policy for
Big Brainz Math fact fluency program privacy policy for Imagine Learning_BigBrainz
BrainPop Jr A site with informational and engaging videos and quizzes and activities for the kindergarten through grade 3 classrooms. privacy policy for® is a nonprofit dedicated to expanding participation in computer science. privacy policy for
Common Sense Media Digital Passport Interactive learning modules that align with Common Sense
Media’s digital citizenship program.
privacy policy for
Discovery Education Provide teachers and students access to hundreds of free educational digital media, including high quality video clips and full-length videos. privacy policy for
FBI Safe Online Surfing Game based platform presenting online safety topics for children privacy policy for
Flipgrid A flipped classroom approach to using video for igniting student discussion and engagement. privacy policy for
Flippity Easily turn a Google™ Spreadsheet into a Set of Online Flashcards and Other Cool Stuff privacy policy for
FlipQuiz Create your own gameshow style board privacy policy for
G-Suites Cloud-based document collaboration and calendars privacy policy for G Suite
Google Earth Explore the far reaches of the world, right in your browser. privacy policy for
IXL Math Dynamic, adaptive online learning activities (math). privacy policy for
Kahoot! Connect in re-time to create social, fun and game-based learning privacy policy for kahoot
Khan Academy A library of thousands of videos to help students learn in a new way at their own pace. privacy policy for
Loyola Press Website that offers resources to families and students such as online quizzes privacy policy for
Noodle Tools Tools to support the academic research process. privacy policy for
PBS Kids Educational games and videos including characters from PBS shows privacy policy for
Pear Deck Pear Deck enables teachers to teach with an interactive slideshow displayed on student devices. privacy policy for peardeck
Pearson Math – grades1-5 online math text, exercises, support materials, assessments privacy policy for
Pearson Realize Math (grades 6-8) online math text, exercises, support materials, assessments privacy policy for pearson realize
Plickers A tool that allows teachers to collect formative assessment data in real-time privacy policy for
Powtoon CreateAnimated Videos & Presentations
Prezi Online presentation tool privacy policy for
Quizlet Engaging learning activities that allow students to interact with content. privacy policy for
Remind A tool that allows teachers to safely communicate with parents and students via automated text messages and emails privacy policy for
Seesaw A student-driven digital portfolio that empowers students to independently document what they are learning at school. privacy policy for
Spelling City Website that hosts games and activities to help students practice spelling and vocabulary concepts. privacy policy for
Splashmath Website that helps students engage in interactive math
activities and games.
privacy policy for
Sumdog Website that helps students engage in interactive math activities and games. privacy policy for
Super Kids Reading K-2 Reading, phonics,spelling program privacy policy for
Teach Your Monster to Read Early readers letter recognition and sounds, sentences, learning to read privacy policy for
Ten Marks Ten Marks is a personalized online math practice and enrichment programs for K-Algebra/Geometry privacy policy for
Turtle Diary Website that hosts games for all subjects. privacy policy for
Xtra Math Math fact fluency program.
YouTube YouTube is the most popular video site on the Web today, containing educational videos and tutorials privacy policy for
Typetastic Primary Grades – key location on the keyboard, motor skils, finger – eye coordinaiton activites privacy policy for typetastic
.gov sites U.S.A. government sites
Zoom Online Conferencing Online video conferencing privacy policy for Zoom for education
Khan Academy A library of thousands of videos to help students learn in a new way at their own pace. privacy policy for
Kiddle Children’s research site privacy policy for
Nearpod Nearpod combines interactive presentations, collaboration, and real-time assessment into one. privacy policy for
Calculator Calculator combines the Standard & Scientific calculator. privacy policy for
Catchy Words AR Augmented reality game involving words and spelling. privacy policy for
Chicken Coop Fraction Games Learn to ace fractions with this suite of hilarious chicken-themed educational games. privacy policy for
Classroom Organizer App that allows teachers to organize and track books in their classroom library. privacy policy for
Clips Video creation app privacy policy for
codeSparkAcademy: Kids Coding Interactive coding and game creation app. privacy policy for
Doodle Buddy Draw for iPad Draw on your pictures on dozens of included backgrounds. privacy policy for Lesson delivery, formative assessment, collaborative workspaces and game-based activities – works with our interactive whiteboards and screens