A student is assigned and registered through his/her local school district transportation department in order to ride a school bus. Proper conduct is required at all times to enjoy the privilege of bus transportation. Buses drop off and pick up in the Parish Center Parking Lot.

Any change in a student’s transportation plans must be placed in writing and submitted to the school on the day of change. The child will be placed on the school bus unless the school has been notified in writing of the change of transportation. Please make every effort to avoid last minute transportation changes.

Before School – Parents assume responsibility for the safe crossing of students in the morning. Students may not arrive at the school before 7:40 A.M. Any student arriving prior to 7:40 A.M. will be assigned to the Extended Care Program and the parent/guardian charged accordingly. (See Extended Care section)

After School – At the end of the school day, a faculty member crosses the walkers at Philadelphia Avenue and Second Street. Any time a walker will be using another method of transportation the school must be notified in writing on that day.

Before School – Vehicles entering the lot from Philadelphia Avenue will proceed to the front porch, stop, and let students out at this point. Vehicles will then continue through the lot and exit by the north gate on Second Street. Vehicles entering from Second Street will enter the lot using the south entrance and will park the vehicle and escort the student to the porch. The vehicle then can exit by way of the north gate.

After School – Car riders will be dismissed from the main office door (playground parking lot) at approximately 2:40 P.M. For safety considerations, please park your car and walk to the porch to receive your child. This is to ensure your child’s safety.

In consideration for the staff, please be prompt when picking up your child. If you are not able to pick up your child by 3:00 P.M. please make other child care arrangements or enroll your child in our Extended Care Program.

Any time a student will be using another method of transportation the school must be notified in writing on that day. If another driver will be picking up your child, please notify the school in writing on that day.